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Software Solutions for Health and Beauty Industry in Africa

Software for Pharmacy

The automation of processes in  Pharmacy businesses is very specific due to the complicated nature of drugs, recipes, legislative regulations of certain medicinal products, etc. With Microinvest software products you can find the right solution for your business. Flexible configuration, easy data entry and differentiation of the range of our products are just some of the advantages of using our software.


Software for SPA and Beauty Centers

One of the main purposes of every SPA and Beauty center is to provide polite, special and personal attention to every customer. The automation and management of SPA centers is possible due to the software solutions of Microinvest. Using these solutions you have the opportunity to control the activity of each employee, manage work schedules and workload; you will also be able to determine employee's individual access rights to the software system. Thanks to Microinvest Warehouse Pro you can easily organize your customers into different groups - regular, VIP and more - and set different price levels and discounts for each one of them. Moreover, with the help of Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light, your visitors can take advantage of clients' cards, allowing you to track their bookings quickly and accurately through visualization of the SPA and Beauty center. The software solutions of Microinvest facilitate and maximize the effectiveness of both small and large companies with big number of clients and need of processing numerous operations daily.  

Using the software solutions of Microinvest you will be able to track the use of materials, plan future procurement, optimize costs and organize the price lists of services and/or products.


Software for Gyms

Microinvest has developed a software product for gym centers distinguished with a rich functionality and ability for development, according to the requirements of your business. With the right product in hand you can increase the efficiency of your staff, as well as improve the customer service. Using Microinvest Warehouse Pro you can organize all the information about partners, staff and customers in one place. Our system facilitates the monitoring of the price list for different services and items, and the use of various reports you assess in your business. With Microinvest Warehouse Pro Web you can monitor and manage your business remotely with the help of implemented integration of commercial software with video surveillance system. You can treat each customer personally by providing him with a client card or a special discount from your gym center, automatically processed by your software program. Thus, each user will feel special and appreciated.  You will have the opportunity to easily add new services and products, correct information for those that already exist, effectively manage operation or just have comprehensive observation over what is happening in your gym center. 


Software for Sport Outlet

At first the automation of a sport outlet is no different from any other store automation. All the advantages that are described in the commercial automation section also apply for the sports shop. The difference lies in the diversity of products and services: clothing, sports equipment, sports accessories, electronics, food additives, etc.  Microinvest Warehouse Pro can provide smooth and accurate operation of the manager or cashier with this complicated nomenclature.


Software for Sport Center 

The communication with customers always has to be qualitative, so using Microinvest Warehouse Proand Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light you will have full control over the communication with clients. Microinvest gives you the opportunity to gain many new clients, as well as to turn current ones into loyal. You can achieve this by precise monitoring of the bookings; setting and managing individual bonus systems and preferential price terms; organizing the clients into different groups (Regular, VIP, etc.) The workload of every working place in the center can be traced by monitoring the staff's workload at any moment, and the reservations they have made. Using software product of Microinvest you will easily track the working schedule of the personnel, the expended materials, the price list of the provided services, the workload of each staff member, etc.