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About Microinvest

Microinvest was founded in 1995 as a successor of the first Bulgarian software company (PPP Microinvest, 1984). Since then, our company has been constantly developing and improving a wide variety of POS, commercial and accounting software products, which have propelled us to assert as market leaders in these segments.

The software solutions of Microinvest successfully automate all kinds of activities, related to the monitoring and controlling of stock, inventories, operations and documents. Our products provide you with the latest cutting-edge solutions for the optimization, management and efficiency improvement of all processes within your business.

Microinvest specializes in the development and support of comprehensive back- office and front-office POS software systems and solutions (Microinvest Warehouse Pro, Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light), integrated in warehouses, shops, supermarkets, restaurants, beer houses, pizzerias, cafes, bars, discos and all kinds of commercial, retail and entertainment establishments. Microinvest also provides high-quality accounting solutions, suitable for accounting houses, auditing firms and insurance and consultancy companies of all sizes, as well as other types of business-related software.

In order to meet the demands of its customers, Microinvest has built a team of highly skilled program engineers, project developers and servicing experts, having vast experience in the field of business automation, warehouse management optimization and accounting. This allows us to maintain and develop the most advanced and high-tech solutions and systems, enabling our customers to benefit from the very latest technological developments, available on the market.



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