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The implementation is made by:

Claire Displays Ltd

City: Mombasa, Region:Kenya


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Software for mini supermarket

Pleasures Quickshop is a mini supermarket located at Eppic Oil Station, Nyali, Mombasa. The supermarket is quite busy from the huge numner of residents from Nyali and motorists using the Links Road

Claire Displays Ltd has been the IT solutions provider for this mini-supermarket since the retail outlet's inception in 2012.

We contonue to support the outlet's point of sale software and hardware to date. After the implementation of Microinvest Warehouse Pro software solution, all the processes like stock quantities, prices, discounts and special operations (deleting (void)) related to products, are recorded and the operator is monitored for every operation he does. This improved the work and the speed of the cashiers.

Used Microinvest software

Used hardware

  • 1 Desktop Computers - Cashier
  • 1 Incotex 119 Fiscal Printer
  • 1 Cash Drawer
  • 1 Barcode Reader
  • 1 Bardcode Printer

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