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The implementation is made by:

Office Savvy Ltd

City: Nairobi, Region:Kenya
  (+254) 0725845559/ 0722523654/0725845559


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Tala Garments use Microinvest POS software solution for management of shop since 2007. The company automates its management on operational level, optimized the internal oraganization with clear and simple rules and strick access rights.

It is specialized in all uniform wear from school to proffesional uniforms with 5 branches within Kenya. It offers different uniforms: 

  • Pilot uniforms
  • Hospital Staff wear
  • Security guard uniforms and accessories
  • All types of sports wear
  • Pajamas and night dresses
  • Badges and Logos
  • T-shirts (Plain and branded)
  • Trophies & Emblems
  • All types of work wear

Used Microinvest software

Tala Garments Langata are using Microinvest software solutions since 2007

  • 1 license MicroinvestWarehouse Pro (back office)
  • 3 license MicroinvestWarehouse Pro Light (front office) 
  • 1 license Microinvest Archi Pro
  • MySQL database
  • 1 license Web Server 

Used hardware

  • 5 Desktop Computers
  • 1 Cash Drawer

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