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eChances for entrepreneurial services
Riyadh , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

eChances for entrepreneurial services

Al Hussein Ben Ali 6235

eChance was established in 2014  in Saudi Arabia, Founded by Hamad Ben Khudair,

Intellectual properties and technology are the core of innovation, eChances defines itself by bundling entrepreneurial ideas and technology developments to assess organizations and human seize chances and meet their goals.

Vision: To be the most prominent in developing entrepreneurial ideas in the region and one of the most important reasons for its success.

Mission: To create local and global entrepreneurial ideas and provide a neatly fit entrepreneurial services for start-ups and SMEs.

Value proposition:

Our unique environment and variety of objectives has positioned our organization in a very unique part of the industry which is adaptable to change.

Working environment is very flexible and elastic rich with talented and skilled team members, task follows smoothly and precisely assigned to variety of talented individuals who are fitted to match task requirements to attain effective and accurate outcomes.

Our emphasis on client needs and aiming behind client expectations to achieve maximum satisfaction added value to our work flow, planning, and developments as we involve the client in all value chain stages to produce prefect outcomes.

Solutions and Services:

Hardware's: of point of sales machine with a very modern specifications and designs.

Services : Development; our talented and skilled team in designing and developing application, combined with our intellectual resources, researches, ideation, team working, brain storming, mass analysis of the market needs and CRM, automation of services and overcoming challenges, these factors are main components our innovative development cycle.

Consultations; Our talented and experienced team of entrepreneurial, who's familiar with different industries types, and technology deployment, in addition our relationship with business executives, support eChances in always be a reference for many entrepreneurs for redirection and providing wealthy consultations. 

Cloud solutions: we offer variety of solutions and automation management tasks and staff operations of companies and organizations, such as POS software's, ERP, HRM applications etc. our solutions meets middle-east region standards and requirements, in addition to frequent analysis of the market needs to assure providing up-to-date best solutions.