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The implementation is made by:

Neepod Systems and Solutions

City: Port Harcourt, Region:Nigeria


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POS and Inventory Management software solution for night clubs

"Cosmo Lounge" is one of the top 5 night clubs in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Situated in the heard of New GRA neighborhood , the nightlife capital of Port Harcourt, the club has hosted a top celebrities since its opening. "We Redefined Night Life.. With our state of the art lighting system, super star DJ's & first class services.." - stated the owner of the lounge. 

The team of NEEDPOD Systems and Solutions implemented the Microinvest software for clubs and bars with ease. The inventory management system in combination with the front office module is giving the waiters the flawless and fastest way to take the orders from the customers with 2 touches on the tablet screen. The over 700 reports will give the manager of the club the needed financial information to properly forecast the demands of his business. He can easily generate a reports for the different work shifts as well as a report for every and each waiter personal financial results for a given period. 

The collaboration between the Microinvest desktop and android software solutions will bring the "Cosmo Lounge" one step further than the competition.

Used Microinvest software

1 x Microinvest Warehouse Pro

1 x Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light

1 x Microinvest Archi Pro

11 x Microinvest Android Restaurant App

Used hardware

1 x Desktop Pc

1 x Bar Printer

1 x Receipt Printer

11 x Android tablets

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