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Microinvest Cuba

City: Havana, Region:Cuba


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Software for cafe

The team of Microinvest Cuba had the honur to impelent pos software for cafe in "Vitrola". Situated in one of the corners of the Old Plaza, the "Vitrola" is pleasing to everybody with its sounds of traditional music from very early in the morning, until the midnight. This place makes us travel to the past between images and objects of other ages. This restaurant has tasty breakfasts and exquisite dishes acommpanied with fast service and alwyas on time bill check! Don't miss to try the full free demo package of Microinvest software solutions - just with one click from here.

Used Microinvest software

  • 1 license Microinvest Warehouse Pro
  • 1 license Microinvest Warehouse Light

Used hardware

  • 2 computer systgems
  • 2 receipt printers

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