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The implementation is made by:

Pergamon Group Ltd.

City: Nairobi, Region:Kenya
  +254734 660 572


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Retail software

Located along Ngong Road, Haven Wines and Spirits boasts it's broad range of wine and spirit products.

To deepen your knowledge of wines and spirit, visit Haven Wines & Spirits.

Used Microinvest software

  1. 1 license Microinvest Warehouse Pro
  2. 1 license Microinvest Warehouse Pro Retail
  3. 1 license Microinves Archi Pro
  4. 1 MS SQL Server

Used hardware

  1. 1 Wavepos 55 Touch Screen
  2. 1 Incotex 119 M
  3. 1 Zebex 6170 scanner
  4. 1 PL 200 Customer Dispaly
  5. 1 X-pos

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