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Software Solution for Entertainment Business

Software for Billiards Clubs

The automation of billiards clubs and gaming halls requires complex solutions with which different processes can be monitored, such as: the use of billiards tables and gaming equipment; duration of billiards tables occupation; automatic on and off switching of the lighting over the billiard tables, or other electrical appliances; sale reports for meals and drinks. Microinvest Billiards Pro, in addition to the special controller, also developed by Microinvest, will help you improve the quality of service in your billiards club, minimize the chance for abuses and ensure the safety of both your customers and your personnel. The system allows the re-creation of the visual style of the client, as well as collaboration with Microinvest Warehouse Pro, which allows central management and the generation of multiple reports. With Microinvest Billiards Pro, you can automatically keep track of discounts and preferential terms for regular customers, as well as simultaneously manage up to 8 separate tables.


Software for Bowling Clubs

The management of a bowling club requires a rich functionality and automation of the processes and important activities, including: bookings, occupation of tables and rooms, received orders and their status using a visualized scheme of the club hall. All this can be easily achieved by using software products of Microinvest. Thanks to Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light you have the opportunity to manage the listed activities, and with the help of the product Microinvest Warehouse Pro and the special controller developed by Microinvest, the operators can automatically switch on and off the lights over the bowling tracks. Our software solutions also facilitate some actions, such as: setting discounts and preferential terms for regular customers, organizing payments specific for gaming activities or create and control combined accounts, including additional items. The software solutions will greatly facilitate the making of right managerial decisions, the accountability and the control of the activity in your bowling club. Using the developed graphical reports, you can obtain timely information about your top products, top performing staff and workload of workstations during different time periods in order to allocate your resources properly and efficiently.


Software for Kids Playgrounds

With the help of Microinvest Warehouse Pro and Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light the management of a playground becomes easier and more effective.

Playground management requires attention to every detail. Payments, separation of accounts and different ways to automate pricing efficiently represent only a few of the numerous features that you can take advantage of using Microinvest Warehouse Pro and Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light. In addition, combining several types of payment (cash, card, etc.), added to separate accounts of various products and services are just some of the functionalities that you get when choosing for software solutions from Microinvest. The option to integrate video surveillance within your commercial software enhances the control over your staff and improves security. Client cards with preferences and other promotional discounts are another opportunity to attract new customers and keep current ones – a feature that our software readily provides optimization for. The rich set of reports and statements provided by our software solution allows you to monitor the workload of staff and work schedule to better utilize existing resources and plan costs. Other advantages are the simplicity of using the Microinvest software, easy installation, high level of data protection and adaptation to the individual processes in every work model that is functioning at your playground. All of the solutions possess an intuitive interface allowing you to start working with them immediately after their installation. The software solutions of Microinvest are by no means the right ones for your playground!


Software for Aquaparks

Aquaparks and pools are complex facilities that require the best management, accounting and business process software solutions. Equipped with the solutions of  Microinvest you will be able to provide to your customers a simple payment and access system. Our software is designed to ensure fast customer service, minimizing times loss caused by staff or clients. Microinvest Warehouse Pro can help you store and manage all of your partners, clients and staff information in one place. With the different solutions that we have you can operate a flexible charging system that includes the options for setting up discounts and different types of bonus schemes. You can easily keep accurate statistics and analysis of the process in the park with the easy-to-generate selling and service reports. The video monitoring integration will help you provide a secure and managed service. Microinvest also gives you the freedom to use our products on different types of devices guaranteeing compatibility to connect with different types of commercial equipment (for reading and writing information on various media, to print documents and tickets, for non-cash payments via cards and etc.).


Software for Car Wash

It is important for car wash owners to continually meet the evolving needs of their customers while maintaining a profitable service. Microinvest Warehouse Pro gives you the option to easily store clients' and partners' information, and manage and calculate the supplies from one place! With the different POS (Point of Sale) solutions from Microinvest you can provide an exceptional high level of customer service, minimizing, at the same time, the losses caused by clients and employees. The easy to use system and the option to generate selling and service reports will help you run an accurate and competitive business, without the need of special IT knowledge. With Microinvest you will be able to easily attract new clients and keep the current ones.


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